Turkey Pro National

Casey and I had an amazing riding day Sunday. Rode about 170mi. We left promptly at 8a, bundled up good for the 40F weather. At 70mph on the highway, it was REALLY cold. Easy enough to ignore when you know it’ll hit spring temps and be sunny as hell later in the day. Willpower and mental discipline will serve you well.

We hit a couple off-road sections which were fun. Went around a few “road closed” signs. Stopped for coffee a few times. Then we headed to Oley, PA for the 2011 Turkey Pro National, an annual memorial event for Snuffy Smith. Great turnout and even more cool bikes. The kind you don’t see every day. . . Vincents, Knuckleheads, rare Italian bikes, old Velocettes, etc.

Despite the crash on the way home, it was a great day that I’ll remember for some time.


Casey at Swamp Creek.

In the woods.

In the woods.

My favorite of the day. Amazing.

This one's for you, Young Dan.

Nicely kept old shovel.

I'd let my dog climb all over this '55.

They all came out of the woodwork.

All business.

What a pretty toaster, dear.

Nice VL.

Unrestored Velocette.

'70s Italian, anyone?

5 thoughts on “Turkey Pro National

  1. Great bikes !!! Was that a 36 or 37 knuckle? Snuffy Smith, Where’s Weezy? Pass that jug around!! Sorry to here about the falll, hope your holding up . Been warnin’ my kids all Fall about braking in wet leaves.. I want to move to P.A., beautiful roads (though Upstate N.Y.’s Adirondecks are still my favorite),shit to do. Why do I torture myself on this fuckin’ island!!!

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