Ohio Race Weekend

Back on May 2nd Vinney and I made the trip out to the ECTA’s Ohio Mile event. All in all it was a fun weekend and we set a new class record upping the last by 7mph. We learned a lot that weekend and came back with ideas on how to make us faster in Aug. Here are a few photos,RrSVsQUSBiIUIOuBA16JVujgspDJGes90wUHRrS2UH4,bmbeNw8MzPlp_Sr0lo1WEbrmphXthTu2xsSigUjUxXI,gKGNFwjdONqf6M1xwh_Kf8E0a7rxXKO4Pv86Suh8ve4



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  1. Hey Dan. I was trying to get in touch with you. I read the about section of this blog and I was blown away by the similar story lines we have. I have some interesting motorycle projects that I’m working on in nyc and philly and I just had to reach out. i’m on st@moto-t.com. hope this gets to you.

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