Some Old Pics. . .

Spring time and the smell of gasoline and old grease really stirs up the memories for me. Was thinking yesterday about past bikes and the excitement of spring coming. Living up in Rochester, NY for years where’s there only six warm days a year really makes you appreciate the coming warmth. What better way to celebrate than to go for a ride?

These are randoms from the pile/mess that exit on my computer.



Kevin's panhead in from of my apartment in Soho. Around '98.

First bike I ever built. I was still in college. Build it in my back yard. '92

New Year's day ride in the East Village. '99. My old Triumph. You might recognize the red & black bike too.

Times Square about ten years ago. I used to give everyone who visited tours of the city.

11th Avenue outside of Red Rocks. Taken by English Don.

Bear Mountain. Our favorite nearby destination when I lived in NYC. Around '97.

One of my first mentors. Spencerport, NY. Maybe ten years ago.

My brother went down up in Warrington, NY. '98

Kevin riding up 9W in Rockland County.

Half bottle of Jameson's down. . . mud burnouts on a borrowed Triumph.

My friend Scotty on his old shovel at Bonneville. He rides it there from IN, runs it then rides home.

'95. Red Hook, Brooklyn. Shooting a Moviefone commercial.

Alan Jones and Slo. A LONG time ago. Slo looks young!

If it has wheels, I want to ride it. '84. I mowed a lot of lawns to buy that frame.

Some of you might know these guys. Vinny and Adam. Almost ten year ago.

My '73 Triumph on the side of 78E after the firemen put out the 20' high flames.

I've been everywhere on this bike and that's no exaggeration. Big Sur '04.

My friend Big Truth from Choppahead. You brit lovers might know him.

My friend Travis from AR when I stopped to visit a decade ago.

My friend Dean who recently passed. RIP.

Me and Tony Bag-O-Donuts making a beer run in WV.

Sal running his Brooklyn-built 96" shovel at Rockingham drags. Ride down, race, rid home.

You meet the weirdest people in S. Philly sometimes.

Spring Opener crew from five years ago up on the BRP.

After bringing another E Village dirtbag gutter bike back from the dead. Brooklyn '03

Rode my '67 Triumph down to NC and camped and dirt tracked all week on a challenge. Never tell me I can't do something.

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