If you are running a CV carb and you are looking for the right parts to tune it this is where you want to go: https://www.cv-performance.com/
I put a CV on my Iron Head and could not get it dialed in. Jason shimmed the needle which helped a lot but it still isn’t where it needs to be. I ordered parts from CVP and initially they f-d up the order. I called and left a message and within 20 minutes got a call back from the owner Ken. Ken apologized for the mistake and sent out the correct part asap. He seemed so cool I asked for some free tuning advice which he happily offered and shipped me an additional needle to try out and see if it would help solve the ongoing problem. All he wanted in return was feedback on how the part worked and for me to let friends know about CVP. I rarely run into people like Ken in the general market place. He does good business. And all the CVP parts are made in the US. Thanks Ken.

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