6 thoughts on “Don’t you know were on the eve of destruction

    • Dan’s Triumph on the ride home from The Abbaye a couple months back. Couple misfires. Stalled a few times. Seemed like no big deal. Then it stalled one last time and a pool of oil and metal spilled out on Frankford Ave. I pushed him and his bike home by riding one footed and pushing his rear peg with my other foot. We even stopped to pick up beer. Can’t tell if we’re pros or a trained circus act.

  1. Ouch. Not the usual side that dies from oil starvation, but I’m still gonna bet on failed rod brg due to plugged up sludge trap. What do I win?

    Might have an orphan case half for ya if needed.

    • That’s Dan’s guess too. He had a spare motor under the bench and installed it that night!

      Don’t think he got into that one yet to see what happened as he’s got two other projects cooking.

      You’re probably right about the trap. That bike has been kicking around Philly city duty for god know how many years without a proper mechanic putting a wrench to it.

      Nice to see you here.


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