Canyon Carvers . . .

An excerpt from a story about our Spring Opener trip in 2010 . . .

We met some new folks in Knoxville after suffering a mid-trip slump earlier in the day. Complete with a little bitching and tension from having spent the last so many days with five guys on the road. At a rest stop at dusk about 100mi from Knoxville, Vinny and I decided “Let’s ride as fast as we can right into the middle of the busiest place we can find in Knoxville, park right on the sidewalk, walk in like we own the place and talk to EVERYBODY we meet and buy them beer!”

Rather than entertain any further discussion, we were flying along at 90mph in the starry dusk with unseasonably warm winds ruffling our sweatshirts. We were there in no time and the plan was an irrefutable success.

Three people we met: Nathan, a young vet who now builds sick canyon bikes and rides it like he means it. His friend John, a musician and fellow rider, albeit of the gentler variety. Tony, plain fucking insane and builder of the Banshee-powered RD below. Fastest bike I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been around the block a few times.


Full story here: Spring Opener 2010



2 thoughts on “Canyon Carvers . . .

  1. who was the 5th guy?pretty ironic that you posted this…….just yesterday when i was @ swap there was a smoky 2 stroke and it brought me back to that beautiful day rolling thru tenn…….shared the story with the Guru.

  2. Dan, you’re right. Must have been thinking about after John had joined us. What did the guru have to say? He ever coming with us again? Vinny just mentioned 2012 yesterday. Think this was the first mention. Where do you want to go?

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